Professional Dog Grooming in Ft. Collins, CO

We turn any beast into a beauty!

Ashcroft Pet Resort offers professional, spaw services for your dog! Bathing and grooming services are scheduled 7 days a week and require an appointment. Spaw services are provided in a variety of scheduling options: stand alone (same day drop off/pick up), combined with a day of daycare, or can be added to any boarding service and coordinated with your check out date. Our grooming services are designed to make your pet look and feel their best. Let our professional staff give your pup a makeover....your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood!


Call to start you dog's spaw experience!

Scrub-a-Dub Brush & Bath

We use natural, plant-based, shampoos that do not dry out your dog's hair, hydrating conditioners to bring life back to dull coats, and use a bathing system that turns every dog into a bath lover!

We will brush your dog out thoroughly removing any mats, tangles and loose hair. Using our Hydro-Surge bathing system, your dog will experience a gently massaging, deep cleaning bubble bath that also removes more hair. Out natural based, luxurious conditioner is applied to add softness and shine to your dog's hair. Ear and eye cleaning and nail trim are always included! The service is topped off with a full blow drying process that removes any left lover loose hair and makes your dog soft, yummy smelling and huggable!

Prices vary depending on size of dog and hairtype from $45 to $85; call for a quote.

Sanitary Trims, Pad Clean up

We can trim and shave your dog's sanitary/private areas, pads, remove heavy matting, etc. Please call to discuss and for a price quote.


The Furminator is a unique de-shedding process where all the current, and soon to be, loose hair is removed.   The service itself is a multi-step process consisting of specialized tools, shampoo & conditioner treatment, unique bathing, and drying system.  It will reduce your dog's shedding up to 80%-90% when used regularly every 4-6 weeks (depending on hair type).  Price depends on size & type of hair, call us for a quote!

It's a service you must experience to believe!  

Grooming - Full Service Haircuts

Breed specific haircuts to your specifications. Our groomers will pamper to your pet's breed, specific needs, body style and personality. Our staff have trained eyes that can also spot potential health risks such as skin irregularities before they become major health problems. Prices are based by breed; call for a quote.

Call to start you dog's spaw experience!

Other Grooming Services

Whitening - $10 additional to any bathing service.  Perfect for all, or partially, white coats!

Will make the white noticeably whiter, bright and sparkling!

Nail Trim - $10 when not with any other Spaw service.

Nail Trim/File - $15

Mineral Mud Bath - $10 additional to any bathing service

Ahloe Vera based nutritional treatment that conditions, rehydrates and rebuilds the coat.

De-Skunk - $10 additional to any bathing service

Yes, it happens! Or they roll in something you don't want to think about!